Ialonet. The true story...



We started with the ambition to build a company on solid foundations, principles

and values unchanged and non-negotiable, focusing on people and their needs.

Moreover, the general logic behind the creation of IALONET was not to set up a company to employ, but to literally build from scratch an organization that will grow with us in an intensively competitive environment in the construction sector.

We wanted our company to re ect our principles:

  • Ethos in everything we do
  • Knowledge on what we deal with
  • Hard work and boldness

For all of us in IALONET, compliance with our commitment to the ongoing challenges of the market is the (only) way I know how to


«The concern of the consumer who has chosen us is also our concern».

With basic principles of respect and mutual trust, build relationships and partnerships that withstand time . We always try to tailor the solutions we propose to the needs of the consumer and bring our production to measure, not to make suggestions on what we can do.


We envision a modern company, a pioneer in everything it does. A company which does not follow the paved track, but it sets the standards and creates new breakthroughs in the market. A company leader in both the domestic and international markets.

A company that creates a need and does not serve it! For this, we always keep a close eye on international developments, with an absolute commitment to the principles and philosophy.