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Glass Banisters

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The “CLEARVIEW” glass banister system constitutes the most contemporary and safe preposition in its class. It is composed of a specially designed solid H.D. aluminum profile, which makes it remarkably resistant to mechanical pressures. The accessories are made of hardened synthetic, combined with processed elastic, so as to press and align the flass panel throuout the whole of the construction’s length, p[roviding a sold and secure result.

The K1800 “CLEARVIEW” is available in 3 types of floor-based systems and 1 under-floor system. The types differ according to the thickness and the height of the glass panel. The glass panel itself can be placed in either solely on its own, after being specially trimmed to its fininsh, or with an aluminum handrail. Especially impressive results are achieved by the use of LED lighting, placed on the base of the glass panel, providing peripheral illumination.

The main advantages of this specific system are:

  • The use of a single-piece, solid profile, which does not require any special alignments, without any decorative caps, so as to install it and apply finish in a rapid and flawless manner
  • Tightening throughout the whole of the glass panel with hardened rubbers
  • High immersion of the panel in the profile, making it remarkably rigid
  • Specially designed so as not to allow children to climb on it

Ability to have it painted in any RAL color, but also anodize it, or even have it in a natural, coated, or polished finish.


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